Promoting Informed Voters Via Legislative Research

Promoting Informed Voters Via Legislative Research

Promoting Informed Voters Via Legislative ResearchPromoting Informed Voters Via Legislative Research

Who We Are

About The Informant

What is The Informant?

The Informant is a student created and run organization designed to inform Tennessee students of the bills being introduced, debated and voted on within the Tennessee state legislature.  We at The Infomant research the bills being introduced in both houses of the Tennessee state legislature and report on the most salient bills in an easy-to-read format across multiple platforms and social media.

Why should I be up-to-date on state government issues?

Maybe you’re wondering why you would want to be as up-to-date with local and state governmental issues as you are with the federal government or international news. Don't federal issues have more of an impact on our lives than those of small representative governments in our counties or state? Well, our nation was originally designed in a way that, for the majority of the time, the state government should have the most effect on the people it represents. That structure holds true today and we hope to highlight that fact.   

Why does The Informant target students?

We hope to inform high school students because they are the next generation of Tennessee constituents.

How can The Informant be a resource for teachers?

The Informant is a resource for high school teachers, especially history,  government, and English teachers, to promote dialogue on current topics affecting the citizens in our state.  Teachers can use The Informant website to access bill summaries or have their students sign up for the newsletter and receive the updates right to their email inboxes.  Teachers can also encourage students to debate topics on our Instagram page.

Why partner with schools?

The Informant partners with schools to create a network of informed citizens and a place for students all over the state to dialogue about current issues affecting our state.  

How can I get involved with The Informant?

Teachers and students can sign up for our email newsletter and receive updates directly to their inbox.  Links to archived and latest bill summaries are also accessible on our website under "TN Bills."  They can also watch video updates and engage in debates on our Instagram page.  For quick notifications, check out our Twitter feed.  Join the movement to keep the next generation of Tennessee constituents informed!

Our Partners

The following schools and organizations are partnering with The Informant to keep students informed of the laws being passed in the Tennessee State Legislature. Together we bring awareness and promote dialogue amongst high school students across the great state of Tennessee.

Evangelical Christian School

Westminster Academy

Bornblum Jewish Community School

Jefferson County High School

Tennessee Council for the Social Studies

Lausanne Learning Institute

Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL)


“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.” 

—Patrick Henry, Founding Father of the United States of America